Speaker, Trainer,

...mix those things together and what do you get? Something called "Motivational Entertainment". Whether you're looking for a keynote, a one-half day workshop, or an emcee for your next big meeting, Michelle delivers an energetic and truly memorable event every time.

Satisfied clients have invited Michelle back time and again her high-energy, hilarious, content-rich presentations, all of which are rated 'R' for relatable. Michelle’s unique brand of humor and storytelling have inspired audiences, earning her top ratings from CEO's and meeting planners.

Personal development, company team-building, better employee relations, customer service in the techno age-- Michelle can take any message and deliver it in a funny and entertaining way.

A Whole Lot of Satisfied Customers

A Little Bit of History

Michelle Gotay (pronounced go-t[ai], as in "go tie your shoes") began her speaking career at the age of 2 and she hasn’t shut up yet. Her professional speaking career, however, did not begin until after a mid-life wake-up call 12 years ago prompted Michelle to dig up and dust off an old dream of speaking and performing. By combining these two passions, Michelle found her unique style, which she refers to as "Motivational Entertainment".

Michelle holds a degree in Speech Pathology and a Master’s Degree in Audiology, which have helped her understand both sides of good communication! She is also a graduate of the National Speakers Association Fast Track Academy.

Michelle is passionate about Personal Development. And since she believes that "we are all a mess in our own special way", there will always be lessons to be shared. She also considers herself a test subject in the study of how humor relates to stress reduction. These things along with topics such as getting along with others (team building), and how to be nice without becoming a doormat (customer service) are near and dear to her heart.

A Lot to Offer

All Speakers have their areas of expertise. It has been said that Michelle's true area of expertise is in "Engagement". Audiences love her genuine and humorous style, and can always relate to the struggles, stories and lessons she shares in her "motivational performance." Find a program that suits your needs or Michelle will create one that does.

These days there is an abundance of philosophies and strategies available to help us find wealth, happiness and success in our work and personal lives.

But what if you're one who struggles to make changes, is terrified of the unknown and can't move forward with the lead boots you're wearing? Well....here's a little secret.... you're not the only one!

This humorous and interactive workshop will help you to identify several obstacles to finding success in your work and personal life, and offer suggestions for overcoming them. This fun yet practical session will leave you with the tools (or shall we say the "prescription") for breaking down stress and negativity, often the very barriers to our best selves. Finding success and happiness isn't always easy (or pretty), and kicking and screaming is one way to get there.

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It happens. One morning you wake up and realize you’ve lost your “P”. Sometimes, it isn’t even you who is the first to notice. A friend pulls you aside and breaks the disturbing news (“Mary, you seemed to have lost your ‘P’”).

Don’t panic! It’s understandable- and you’re not alone. It’s easy to give away your POWER, lose your PASSION, and become confused about your PURPOSE when life is pulling you in so many different directions. Sometimes it’s just easier to give-up, give out, or give in.

In this fun and inspiring session, Michelle will offer you strategies for holding onto your “P”. Rediscover what you love about yourself and life in general; remember who’s in charge; and resume the quest for your raison d’être. Warning: Losing your “P” may elicit laughter (or vice versa).

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Are you tired of the same old bland and dry Power-Point presentations? Is your organization craving something fresh and new for that next event/meeting? With Michelle Gotay, you can order up a customized presentation that is sure to hit the spot!

Every event is prepared with just the right blend of inspiration and motivation, topped with humor and relatability, and served warm(ly).

Your people are your greatest asset. Empower them through creative action. Call Michelle today. Oh….and do you want fries with that?

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